I know it has been a while

It’s been a month of Sundays since the last time I posted anything.

I had to step away for a little while to gather myself up and analyze everything that’s going on in my personal life. I know I don’t exactly have a huge following but I do apologize to any of you who may possibly have missed me. (har har. Forgive my delusions of grandeur)

So I have made a few decisions. Some of them difficult. Some of them far less difficult. Most of them have no bearing on the outside world- and I am ok with that- but there are a few things that I need to change.

I am going to begin a new blog. About life. Kids. Fashion (attempts). Makeup. Work. Faith. Everything. I know that is basically what I already do here but it is time for a new chapter. Time to put away the old and break out the new. It is time for me to start a lot of things new and part of me feels that a new blogging home is a good way to get myself going.

So this shall be my last post at this address. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over my stay here.This last year has seen new friends and lots of adventures.

I will continue- or resuscitate- my cooking blog with Jo so ya’ll can still see us over there. (kitchen Adventures) so feel free to go check that out as well.

Fair well, God speed, and all His amazing Blessings as you navigate this amazing place we call home.


By mightyplans

Health Fair

So after being rescheduled about 6 times, we are finally having our first annual health and wellness fair for Johanna’s school. How cool is that?

Last night we were given a budget for food and snacks and were given permission to do a stuffed animal drive for donor teddies for kids who don’t have one for the teddy bear clinic.

The American Red Cross is going to be there and Asphalt Green is going to be providing Family Activities. I’m so excited. This is the first time I’ve ever done of these completely on my own- or I should say as the person “in charge” and I have to say, it has really come together. But I can’t take all the credit. I have gotten LOADS of help from the school staff, the rest of the Wellness Committee and the PA in general.

So. Life is pretty good today. I’m feeling pretty dang good about what’s coming up in a month.

Ah well. Enough babble. Laundry calls and then errands and food shopping. St Patrick’s Day is Sunday… I haven’t a thing to cook… that’s BAAAAD 🙂

More soon.

By mightyplans

Whooping cough… again? Really? No thanks. Can’t I give it back?

Yay. I have whooping cough.

No, not for the first time. The second.

Yes, I had my vaccination when I was knee high to a grasshopper but apparently it only works for so long and no one ever gives (or gets) boosters for it.

Who knew?

Well, now I do.

But at least this time the kids haven’t gotten it again. Man that was crazy.

By mightyplans

Spring is supposed to be coming to a close…

But as a  typical New York winter, I sit here amid rumors that we should be expecting yet another snow storm this week…

Wait. Last I checked, Dear Winter, THIS IS MARCH! GO AWAY!

On a side note, things are moving along. Johanna had her last day of ice skating with the school at the rink today. I am thinking I may have to take them skating at least once before the rink closes at the end of the month. She so enjoys it. I just wish her legs were stronger in order to keep up with her peers.

Friday night was Family Craft Night at the school. Both Jo and Christian had a GREAT time making really messy projects. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is picture day too. I’m going to wash Johanna’s hair and pin-curl it so she will look really nice. She picked out the Rainbow background so she’s very excited.

Oh Lord, Please no relapses!!

CJ is giving us a good scare…

Fever for 2 days, complaining his tummy hurts…And no poop for 2 and a half days…

And then it happened… We were at McDonald’s… and he PUKED!!! Oh Lord, I figured, this is it. Back to CHAM we go…

but he perked right back up. We took a bath with lavender wash and he laid with me on the couch and relaxed. His fever went away and he ate some more chicken nuggets…

And he even POOPED!!

And Lord Almighty, that thing was, once again, the length of my arm!!! And good grief it still stinks in the bathroom… but at least he’s about 3 pounds lighter and much happier 🙂

So life has taken a long trip down the Crazy Road.

So these last couple weeks have been totally nuts.

Christian got crazy sick last Monday evening. He’d been slowly wilting over last weekend but really got bad by Monday evening so he and I took a wander over to CHAM and he was admitted.

We got to spend a whole “glorious” week with the wonderful staff and nurses, bringing Christian’s evil virus under reign and getting his fluids back up to par. We had a couple close calls and interesting scares but all in all, it was a good thing we brought him in and he did pretty well.

He earned himself a new nickname. The staff and nurses all called him Little Tiger because any time anyone came into the room- whether it be cleaning staff, nursing assistant for vitals (which were done every 4 hours!) or a nurse or doctor, he screamed at them. At first most of them were taken back by it and tried to come when they thought he might be asleep… but by the end of the week, even his day nurse, Dana just yelled back. He even began tolerating Dana at the end.

He did very well and made a full recovery.

And I got to spend my 30th birthday with my sick son in the hospital. It wasn’t so horrid. My girlfriend came and brought me cake and presents. J sent me some birthday texts… but I could’ve done with a day without stress. That would’ve been perfect.

I have been able to do some reflecting while there which is always good. Analyzing various things and so on. I made some major decisions while sitting in my chair next to his crib, watching the IV and all the monitors and enduring all the tests…

I am going to complete Busy OmahaMom’s project this week and I am going to plot the design for a new donation project that I picked while there. I’m very excited about these two projects and can’t wait to send them out.

I have almost completed my OSHA 10 training online so that’s great and my next training is Fork Lift Safety and Operations. I’m making moves, baby! Watch out!

Longest two weeks of my LIFE…

So I am trying to recover from loosing our babies… It’s so stinking hard.

I have barely been out in days… I showered three times yesterday… It was hard resisting the urge to shower today… (so far I’ve won the battle but the night is yet young..) but just helping with the wash wore me out. I ducked out to the deli and felt like crying because the deli across the street closed early for no apparent reason and I had to walk an extra two blocks to get to the next open deli. It was a battle fighting off the panic.

I’m reverting back to what I used to be… and I HATE ME FOR IT!

But at least my new-found roommates both have incredible senses of humor.


There must be something wrong with me

I keep searching youtube… watching videos..

Some part of me desperately needs to know other moms have gone through this….

So much pain… I feel like I’ve been torn to pieces. My heart is breaking.

Part of me doesn’t even want to keep going…

And doesn’t that just sound so selfish since I still have Jo and Christian…

I keep listening to the same songs and all I do is cry and sleep… I wish it were all over. I wish it would just stop hurting so much.

I wish I could just get up and be me again.

The twins have been gone only 31 hours but the hole that has been blown apart in my soul…

How am I going to survive this?

My apologies

Please forgive my lack of posts over the last week or so…

We are dealing with a family loss and I will post again when I’m up to it.

Prayers appreciated.



By mightyplans

“On my Knees” Bob Carlisle

Stand with all my might
and still I seem to fall
I try to walk before I even crawl
Oh, it seems I’m like a child in need again
A helpless heart, a broken man
Strength is something that’s so very hard to find
But still I know the truth it must be blind
So I sacrifice my heart to God in prayer
Lay my weakness down and I’ll find you there

I can stand tall
On my knees,
I can see forever On my knees,
I can face it all I feel like I can climb a mountain
‘Cause on my knees
the world’s A little smaller
and I stand taller
on my knees

See a man in a garden long ago kneeling alone
As the weight of sins unseen and lies unknown
Came to rest upon his weary shoulders
He knew my name,
he took my pain

So I can stand tall
On my knees,
I can see forever
On my knees,
I can face it all
I feel like I can climb a mountain
‘Cause on my knees the world’s A little smaller
and I stand taller
on my knees

There’s a peace that shadows anything I know I lay down every burden and I’m free

On my knees,
I can see forever
On my knees,
I can face it all
I feel like I can climb a mountain
‘Cause on my knees the world’s A little smaller
and I stand taller
on my knees